Leaders' Social Ranking Factsheets and Infographic

Social Media Factsheets of #G20 World Leaders
Average Like Per Liked Tweets
Average # Used Per Tweet
Average Links Used Per Tweet
Average Mention Per Tweet
Average Retweets Per Retweeted Tweet
Average Tweets Per Day
Total Facebook Likes
Instagram Followers
Klout Ranking
Number of Liked Tweets
Number of Retweeted Tweets by Other Users
Number of Retweets
Number of Tweets Posted On A Single Day
% of Retweets / Entire Posts
% of Tweets Liked By Other Users
% of Tweets Retweeted by Others
Replies Posted
Top Tweeting Week Day
Top Device Used to Tweet
Top Hour to Tweet
Total # Used
Total Likes (Favs) By Other Users
Total Likes (Favs) For A Single Tweet
Total Links Used to Tweet
Total Number of Mentions
Total Retweets
Total Retweets For A Single Tweet
Total Youtube Views
Numbr of Tweets Posted
Numbr of Tweets Posted
Number of Twitter Followers
Number of Youtube Subscribers
Number of Twitter Users Followed